Newtown 2017 Contest Photos

On Sunday June 25th 2017 we put another epic Newtown Contest under our belt. As always, thank you to Tom Caps and the Newtown Parks and Rec for organizing the event. All proceeds from the entrance fee will be going towards additions to the Newtown Skatepark. Photos by Aydan Crumrine, Grayson Grazia, and Kevin Mulvey.

Even though this wasn't a land, it is still the dopest newtown group photo yet. Vini Holanda broke two boards before he felt too bad to snap someone elses deck. [ o ] - Aydan Crumrine

I told Jared Collazo this was NBD so he would do it, but JJ Colon did it first. [ o ] - Aydan Crumrine
Jared Collazo Sending [ o ] - Aydan Crumrine

Why does Julian Lewis hang out with us, this man is a professional [ o ] - Aydan Crumrine

Man in the background peaking over Leandro Santos's perfect form [ o ] - Aydan Crumrine
J-Lew :) [ o ] - Aydan Crumrine
Will Whalen sporting the lowkey hunk look this season [ o ] - Kevin Mulvey
Julian Lewis testing out his new forehead tat idea [ o ] - Grayson Grazia

"this is the heaviest i've ever been" -connnor lowe [ o ] - Kevin Mulvey

Julian's decided the tat is a go [ o ] - Grayson Grazia
Eric Abo gets dead last for the fourth year in a row [ o ] - Grayson Grazia

Logan Healy !!! [ o ] - Grayson Grazia

Julian Lewis [ o ] - Grayson Grazia

What do gay horses eat?... Haaaaay!!! [ o ] -Grayson Grazia

Justin Gotthardt trying to keep the demons at bay [ o ] - Kevin Mulvey

Julian Lewis [ o ] - Grayson Grazia
Vini Holla, the most in shape person we know [ o ] - Grayson Grazia

J-Hammy [ o ] - Grayson Grazia

Aydan Crumrine [ o ] - Aydan Crumrine

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