Lowe-Quality with a tearful, fond farewell to Willimantic

Filmed/Edited by Lowe Quality

"I am now broke and in debt with a stomach weakened from 4 straight years of Dubra"

It’s your boy Lowe a.k.a. Lowe – Quality a.k.a. Connor Lowe with a tearful, fond farewell to Willimantic. Please enjoy my Swan Song Edit for it is the last one for at least some time. Sadly, like most post undergrads, I have triumphantly returned to hometown after four years of schooling to which I am now broke and in debt with a stomach weakened from 4 straight years of Dubra, 40s and the occasional “classy” IPA. Do I have regrets? A few yes. Does that matter? Absolutely not. My time up in that area was amazing and made even better by the fact that one of the greatest Skateparks on the East Coast was essentially in my backyard. You don’t need me giving a long (probably pretentious) explanation of how incredible that park is, simply ask anyone that’s been there and they will tell you the same. Like a diamond in the rough it shines bright but is hardly seen. On any given day you will see one of the locals string together lines of effortless tricks from one side to the other. If your lucky you’ll see a good crew of daytrippers come up from New York, Mass, or even further to rip around. One time I even saw Westgate Tre-flip up the 2 block from the slant next to the down ledge. This is why I leave the park with a heavy heart and a few very manly, like land primo down a 20 set manly, tears in my eyes. Of course I’ll be back to visit and probably film again, but I’ve officially given up my status as a one of the “Locals.”

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