Kris Yates' "Grime Life" Part

Kris Yates reigns from Mexico, MO and is the best dude out on and off the board. Yates stumbled upon us back in 2011 when he was on a trip out east. He was driving along the road when he spotted out of the corner of his eye a perfectly executed tre flip. Yates' natural curiosity got the best of him as he pulled over to investigate. This random dude turned out to be the infamous TFD, and the rest is history. Yates has brought Be Easy to the midwest/west and united the homies from all regions. Without further ado I present the man, the myth, the knub... Kris Yates.

The title "Grime Life" was defined by our nomadic spirit, personal hygiene, and the presence of Matt Gil in our friend group. The video took us just under two years to complete. Though it only took Matt Gil one night to give us a full length's worth of filler. The Grime Life trailer was featured on The Berrics which prompted a 'barn burner' of a premier. Sit back, gun a beer, jump through a table, relax and enjoy Be Easy's "Grime Life".

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