Grayson Grazia "South Of Mass" 14/15 Part

What is there to say about Grayson Grazia? Well, long-haired Grayson has locks that put teenage Simba to shame. He is one of the few friends that will still kill a bottle of Dubra with a smile. He is the king of 'Lowe's room' style house butts. He has an unmatched style on a bard and an unparalleled fap schedule. Now before this starts to sound too much like his e-harmony profile, here is Grayson Grazia, the "butternut og" (-lowe), the hunk, and the lengend in "South of Mass".

Connor Lowe
Lowe Quality

Grayson Grazia

Ross Weiller aka Rizzy Mane Jizzler
Russell Parker aka Buff Russ

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