Be Easy Update

In the last month we've been out to Missouri and back, stacked clips for days, spent weeks of sleepless nights editing our first full length video GRIME LIFE, dropped a new board graphic, about to drop some dope new GRIME LIFE shirts, Be Easy lighters (legit printed ones, not stickers haha), and in between all that still managing to skate the local miniramp and park everyday. I am truly my biggest critique when it comes to releasing new material and I can honestly say that GRIME LIFE is going to be amazing. Scott absolutely destroyed the editing/filming game. It is one of those videos that you will watch and instantly get hyped up and want to go out and skate. Even though GRIME LIFE is going to be dope, it is just a stepping stone for where I would like to bring this family of skateboarders, snowboarders, goons and hoodlums we call BE EASY. Keep it simple, keep it true, BE EASY TIL I DIE

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