Be Easy Tattoo

It amazed us when we filled just one "Down for Life" page. We currently have 4 pages totaling 43 known Be Easy tattoos. The fact that somebody has our family branded on them forever is beyond flattering. When we go through the list of pictures we can fairly accurately point out the reason behind each tattoo. This is our interpretation of the DFL page:

The first category of people are the ones that we personally know and are just down with the cause. These are the homies that embrace this family/are apart of this family and the "no worries"/"hakuna matata" mentality carried along with it. These people are the shit.

The second category of people are the ones that got the ink for Zack Sochor, (one of two original co-founders of Be Easy). Zack Sochor was the definition of "be easy". These homies see the ink as a way of honoring one of the greatest friends to ever live, and Zack had many. Rest in Paradise homie. A portion of the people in this category will of course overlap into the first category.

The third category is one of the raddest groups of people. These are the people that we do not know personally. I'm sure its pretty common among big skate companies to get "fan tats" (for lack of a better word) emailed to them all the time, but right now for us this is still mind boggling. We love you guys for whatever reason you back us! You are apart of this family.

Click here to check out the full DFL page.

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